Women's Perfumes Articles:
Interesting and Useful Information about Perfumes

Our women's perfumes articles provide you with interesting and useful information about (women's) perfumes such as what is the perfume hoax, what is perfume allergy and how to prevent it and more.

1) What Is the Perfume Hoax: A Reason to Be Alarmed or Not?

What is the perfume hoax? It is an urban legend that that has been circulating for more than four decades now, spamming the news and our email boxes and thriving on our hidden desires for a little bit of mystery and fears.

An early version of perfume scam hoax dates back to 1970s and the plot goes something like this: a victim is being asked to try a perfume at some unexpected place (e.g., dark parking lot), faints out and is robbed. Speculations had spread uncontrolled and had soon become part of folk tales. Although this urban legend was never officially proved, many still believe it and even fear it as if it was true.

After some years of hibernation, perfume hoax again became alive in late 1990s when a lady claimed to be robbed of $800 as a result of a perfume scam hoax, again without a proof. This news spread like fire through the Web due to the perfume hoax warning emails.

Read further interesting details about the hoax and whether there is some truth behind the perfume hoax warning emails or are they just another type of hoax in the first of our women's perfumes articles, 'what is the perfume hoax' article.

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2) What Is Perfume Allergy and How to Prevent It

Not everybody can wear a perfume. Since perfumes can be a rich source of allergens, some people develop different types of perfume allergies.

The symptoms of a perfume allergy can range from almost imperceptible to very severe, like getting an allergic attack or even fainting. Therefore, it is important to know whether you are allergic to perfumes or to other fragranced products (e.g., deodorants and other cosmetic products, household products) before wearing or using them.

Learn more about what exactly is a perfume allergy, what are the most common types of perfume allergies and some simple tips on how to prevent them in this 'perfume allergy' article.

Note: The material provided in this article is for the information and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis. You should consult your physician or healthcare professional regarding your health and should not take any action with respect to the content provided in this article.

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3) Perfume Shopping at the Airports

Next perfume article is about shopping for perfumes at the airports. Oh, so many things you can do at the airports... Eat & drink, chat, play your Gitarre, rest or hectically plan your life... And shop!

Perfume Shopping at Airport (Photo credit: pwp2010 @ Flickr)

Everything from books to different electronic gadgets, clothes and fashion accessories, travel essentials, alcohol, cigarettes, souvenirs, cosmetics and - perfumes.

If you've ever noticed, most female travelers can't resist taking a peek into airport shops that sell cosmetics and fragrances. It's fun and, as you probably already know, it has a few excellent benefits.

Read further about benefits of perfume shopping at the airports.

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