Women's Perfume Ads: Best TV Perfume Advertisments by Different Categories

Heat by Beyoncé

The main purpose of any kind of product advertising is to persuade potential customers to purchase the product. TV perfume ads are no exception to this; they are trying to sell you a perfume.

Perfume ads try to entice a customer into buying a perfume by selling dreams, promising, challenging, evoking feelings and desires...

They press the secret buttons Express Yourself and Turn Into Whoever You've Ever Wanted To Be.

It is not exactly the case that a bad perfume commercial will ruin the perfume's sales, however an effective one can boost them to the roof top1!

TV Perfume Ads not Only Advertising Tool - They've Become Autonomous Art Form

Over the time TV perfume ads have developed from a mere advertising tool into an art form of its own, somewhere near the region of a short movie.

Perfume ads offer a unique challenge to the world's most famous (others as well) directors, such as David Lynch (TV ad for Opium by Yves Saint Laurent), Sophia Coppola (TV ad for Miss Cherie Dior by Dior), Luc Besson, Baz Luhrmann and Jean-Pierre Jeunet (all three for Chanel No. 5) to translate the olfactory character of a perfume into an audio-visual format.

Despite lavish budgets, famous directors, celebrity spokesmodels and excellent plots many perfume advertisements don't really succeed in reflecting a true olfactory nature of a women's perfume.

For example, you may feel that Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle by Dior (EDT) has a much sexier character than Parisienne (EDP) by Yves Saint Laurent (check the ad under sexy perfume ads category), yet the perfume ad for Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle doesn't reflect that; compared to Parisienne's ad, it's a flea against a peacock!

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Recipe for a Perfect Contemporary Women's Perfume Advertisement - Ad that Sells Perfume

Now, let's try to mould an effective contemporary women's perfume (TV) ad, an ad that SELLS!

Ingredients of a Perfect Women's Perfume Ad (no particular order):

  • Spokesmodels: Gorgeous looking women, sexy, possibly young, possibly celebrities. Pouting and unsatisfied until the last 5 seconds of the commercial, possibly rolling in bed a lot... Men, not boys, can be included.

  • Plot: Use your imagination: invent, allude, copy, whichever!

  • Language: The more Frenchy, the better! French IS the language of love, seduction, haute couture, luxury... You don't believe it? Try spelling out Ange ou Demon Le Secret or Very Irrésistible (both by Givenchy).

  • City: Make sure it's Paris or New York, or don't bother mentioning it...

  • Colors: Passionate, dark, steamy, red to black, colors of the night, of the neon lights...

  • Sounds: No SHOUTING, please! Whispering and some deep breathing: YES, YES! Dramatic tunes, lots of classical piano and violins, inventive remakes of old hits...

  • Luxury: All over and as much as possible.

  • Flowers: Lots of them, millions of them! Opulent roses or exotic orchids...

And the result: perfume ad for Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent!

Most probably you don't agree! Therefore please explore five ad hoc categories of women's perfume ads following the links below with a collage of 5 most interesting ads in each category.

The eclectic compilations of TV perfume ads by categories as well as ads categories are not exhaustive and final (you can help forming them with your suggestions). They are purely subjective and inspired by Fall 2010 somewhere in the Middle of Europe. Also, categories may overlap: Femme Fatale is sexy, sexy is poetic, an hommage to perfume is poetic, celebrities can be all these...

Enjoy watching best women's perfume ads!

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Collections of Best Women's Perfume Ads in 5 Categories

1) Best Hommage to Perfume Ads

Nomen est omen. (Name is omen in Latin.)

The first category of perfume ads comprises the ads that try hard to reach the highest 'level' in direct translation of (no particular order):

  • Name (Paris by Yves Saint Laurent),

  • Certain ingredient of a perfume (e.g. DKNY Delicious Candy Apples by DKNY),

  • Scent (Flora by Gucci) or

  • Simply a Perfume or its history (Chanel No. 5)

into an audio-visual format.

This type of perfume commercials could easily be termed also an hommage to perfume.

Certain perfumes that have reached an iconic status (e.g. Chanel No. 5, Shalimar by Guerlain) have advertising campaigns that surpass any the others - only the sky is the limit! Especially perfume ads for No. 5 deserve a special attention. Throughout the last decades they've developed into a true advertising masterpiece series, audio-visual signature of Its Immortal Olfactory Highness, Chanel No. 5.

The No. 5 perfume commercials reflect the spirit of time and try to define the contemporary Now-Woman and Feminity - in the spirit of Coco Chanel, who wanted for the perfume to reproduce a scent of a woman.

See this type of perfume ads and further details following this link: Hommage to Perfume Ads.

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2) Best Sexy Women's Perfume Ads: Eye-rotic, Hooot, Passionate, Wild!

In terms of getting the highest share of viewers' attention, this category of perfume ads would undoubtedly win the #1 place. Sex(y) sells women's perfumes, too, if you didn't know yet!

Sexy perfume ads promise a lot of success in your love 'department', they promise heavenly pleasures, realization of your wildest erotic dreams... All you need to do is buy and wear a perfume, your ticket to heaven!

These ads test a thin line between sensual erotic aesthetics and provocative, explicit, almost obscene sexuality. Who's the king of provocative sexy perfume advertising? Calvin Klein (check out CK perfume ads for Escape, Obsession, Secret Obsession on YouTube.com)!

Sneak a look into this eye-rotic, hooot, passionate, wild selection of five best sexy women's perfume ads.

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3) Best Femme Fatale Perfume Ads: Best Perfume Advertisements That Unveil Femme Fatale

What makes a true Femme Fatale, a true Woman, a Queen, The One and Only?

Does she wear a perfume? What kind?

These are all the questions femme-fatale type of perfume ads are trying to answer.

Have we answered the above questions with this selection of 5 best femme fatale perfume ads?

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4) Best Poetic Women's Perfume Ads: Poetic Commercials for Women's Perfumes That Show a Wonderful World

Follow the link: Poetic Perfume Ads and enjoy a selection of 5 beautiful, feel-good women's perfume ads, that will help you see the world through rose-colored glasses.

KenzoAmour (Eau de Parfum)

Sometimes it's the name of the perfume, sometimes it's truly the perfume's nature (scents, ingredients), that inspires this 'esoteric' type of ads.

Certain perfume houses build their image predominantly on this feel-good type of advertising approach: everything's OK, you're not alone, somebody loves you, love & peace, world is a wonderful place...

Two perfume houses, that come to my mind in this regard, are Kenzo (Flower by Kenzo, Kenzo Amour, L'eau par Kenzo) and Lancôme perfume house (Miracle, Pôeme, Trésor).

Very beautiful and inspiring perfume commercials, indeed!

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5) Best Celebrity Women's Perfume Ads: Let Your Favourite Celebrity Help You Choose the Right Perfume for You

Marilyn Monroe and Chanel No. 5 (Photo credit: scarletSmth @ Flickr - Creative Commons)

Celebrity endorsing of (women's) perfumes allegedly started with Marilyn Monroe's famous quote, that in bed all she wore, was a few drops of Chanel No. 5.

Since then, celebrity endorsed (fronted) or 'owned' fragrances have become one of the key marketing strategies in the fragrance business. For these type of fragrances Perfumeshrine.com coined an ingenious term: celeboscent (celebrity+scent) and Avery Gilbert of firstnerve.com calls celebrities endorsing perfumes smellebrities.

Today you'll hardly find an A list celebrity, be it a woman or a man, that doesn't endorse or even own perfumes or whole perfume lines. From showbiz celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker and Britney Spears to football gods like Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham... and don't forget Beck's Posh Spice Victoria, too ;).

Celebrity endorsment advertising strategies exploit the power of fame and image of celebrities to make potential customers (in)directly identify with their looks, personalities, ways of living, values they represent...

Follow the link below and explore a collection of five interesting TV celebrity women's perfume ads, in which celebrities either endorse a perfume or they present their own eponymous fragrance or fragrance house: celebrity perfume ads.

1 Source: Zimbio.com (March 19th 2010)

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