Perfume Shopping at the Airports

Lady, while you are waiting for your flight to... for example to divine Punta Cana, there's no need to be bored.

There are so many interesting things you can do. You know them: eat, drink, rest, read, chat, walk around, exercise, watch planes, people, listen to some Michael Bublé, work on your laptop, plan your life, write your diary...

And shop at numerous airport shops; everything from books, electronics, clothes and fashion accessories, travel essentials, alcohol, cigarettes, souvenirs, cosmetics and - perfumes.

Waiting for Flight: Perfume Shopping Is One of the Fun Things to Do

Perfume Shopping at Airport (Photo credit: pwp2010 @ Flickr Creative Commons)
Perfume Testing at the Airport Shop
(pwp2010 @ Flickr Creative Commons)

You will hardly find a woman who can resist checking out the latest perfumes or other cosmetic products at the airport shops.

Buying maybe a new bottle of her signature perfume, some novelty or the last minute perfume gift...

Or just taking a whiff of her favourite fragrance on the way to the plane.

Benefits of Perfume Shopping at the Airports

While waiting for your flight why not check perfume shelves at the airport shops even a bit closer than usual ;)?

Besides killing time there are a few more benefits of shopping for perfumes at the airport which I am sure you already know of:

  1. Treat yourself, lady! Buy yourself a perfume for no particular reason, you are worth it ;). Or at least take a whiff of it to make you smell great and attractive.

  2. On the other hand, save money ;). Often you will find special discounts or promotions at the airports, offering perfumes at reduced prices. Some airlines offer special discounts at airport shops for their costumers, so be sure to check if the one you're travelling with has something as sweet for you. As you also probably already know, on the international flights you can save money by purchasing perfumes in duty-free shops.

  3. Buy rare or otherwise unavailable miniature or travel-sized perfumes, individually or in sets. Airport perfume shops offer a wide range of perfumes or fragranced products in smaller volumes, excellent for travelling, for testing a variety of fragrances or for perfume gifts.

The mini or travel perfume category includes a range of fragranced products such as smaller-sized perfumes or refill perfume bottles (less than 1.0 fl. oz. or 30 ml), roll-on or rollerball editions, smaller-sized body lotions, shower gels and soaps.

Smaller sized perfumes or perfume sets are very travel-friendly (space saving); you can put them in your purse, makeup bag, rucksack and use them while at work or travelling.

Often mini or travel perfume sets include more than one perfume from a particular perfume house, which is excellent if you want to test a variety of perfumes, before buying them in larger volumes.

Mini or travel sets also make an excellent perfume gift, since a gift receiver gets a chance to try out one or more perfumes or fragranced products in smaller volumes, before deciding to buy larger bottles.

Few Tips on Buying Perfumes at the Airports

1. Before immersing into the perfume shelves take a minute or two to browse the whole perfume shop to get a quick impression about the product and price ranges.

This way you will reduce the 'risk' to buy impulsively whatever comes first under your nose and also you will be able to spot special offers and promotions quicker.

2. Do not exaggerate with perfume testing. Do not torture your nose too much and try max. 5 perfumes at one occasion.

3. Check also the offers on the planes; sometimes you can get great discounted prices for different perfumes or fragranced products.

4. No pressure. Above all enjoy the olfactory journey!

Wishing you a beautiful perfume adventure at the airports!


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