Flowerbomb Fan

by Jill Cohen

I have been a devoted fan of Flowerbomb since I first inhaled its intoxicating aroma 6 years ago. Once a year, I happily drive to Nordstrom's to purchase my olfactory addiction.

This year my daughter bought me a gift box, containing the large bottle of Flowerbomb,a small bottle of FB lotion,and a small roll-on perfume to keep it in my purse. The gift box was a beautiful bow shape,and as you slide the perfume drawer open, the box transforms into a cylinder. Quite ingenious. The problem I have lies with the fact that she purchased it at Macy's. I thought Nordstrom's had exclusive rights. And then when I sprayed it on, the scent was not the Flowerbomb I know and love. It had no vanilla undertone, and the prominent scent was foul.

I'm so sad that my young daughter spent months saving up her babysitting money, only to be sold a fake, or old, or defective bottle of perfume. I'm just praying that Flowerbomb didn't alter its formula, to mass produce, now that Nordstrom's doesn't have exclusive rights anymore.

Please explain to me how such a thing could happen! I'll be devastated, if I find my delicious signature scent is not the same anymore. Please, if you could respond, I would appreciate it.

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Jan 01, 2013
Rotten bottle, maybe?
by: Maya

Hi, Jill,

First thank you for your comment. I understand how unhappy you must have been, first because your favourite perfume is not what you expected it to be, and second because of your daughter...

I think in your case the most probable reason could be (I assume you've tried the perfume several times since you've gotten it and also on neutral skin - no other perfumed products applied) a 'rotten' bottle of the perfume.

Otherwise, changing of the perfume formula (making it with 'cheaper' or more available synthetic ingredients) happens in the perfume industry too, but I don't think this would be the case with such a 'young' and quality perfume line as Flowerbomb...

Have you thought about taking your bottle back to the store where it was purchased and compare it with a Flowerbomb tester? Maybe you could get a refund...

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