Best Halloween Perfumes: Best Perfumes for Women for Perfect Halloween Party

Top 5 Perfume Suggestions to go with the Halloween Party Costumes

Disclaimer: Few words on this page may be inappropriate for young children to read/hear.
Jenna Marbles' Halloween Party Suggestion:
You Keep on Ho'in, You Ho!

Yay, it's that funny, spooky, cathartic, 'be-whatever-you-want-to-be' time of the year again...


It's the time to freak out, transform to our this year's alter ego, to laugh, have fun, get out of this world.

I am not going to bore you with all of the 'best', 'top' Halloween advice - how to pick up the right costume, how to prepare the a perfect Halloween party, hey google around for that, OK...

Well, OK, if you insist... Here are some Halloween thoughts for you, not mine though. Check out Miss. Jenna Marbles' musings about Halloween (sluts) (one of the YouTube hot stars, forgot in what category)...

Baby, go wash your mouth, you've said some bad bad words, but all in all, I have to agree with you:

"Halloween is one night a year that you get to be whatever you want to be... The Halloween formula goes like this: a regular girl turns into a slut, a slut just turns into a superslut. She wants to be ....... sexy and cute and slutty and something that she's not. That's the costume! ... And you should never feel pressured to be a Halloween slut, but if you are, good for ....... you. Because without some sluts, Halloween just wouldn't be Halloween."

Slut or not slut, you need a perfume for your Halloween party, honey. Once you've decided to pick the perfect Halloween costume and learnt your perfect Halloween choreography, add a winning touch: a perfume.

Check out my 5 top perfume suggestions for this year's Halloween. You've got 5 suggestion combos: character that you turn into on Halloween, the perfect Halloween perfume and the Halloween costume.

Have an awesome Halloween!

Halloween Party Perfume Suggestion #1: Scary Spicy She-Devil Wears Chanel No. 191

For all those of you who will pick up a scary, spicy, bossy kind of Halloween costume, I have one perfume recommendation for you: Chanel No. 19.

Chanel No. 19 was supposedly Coco Chanel's favourite perfume, which she out of the public light. After her death, the perfume went into mass production. Named after Coco's birthday (August 19th) it is one of the most important and commercially most successful Chanel perfumes.

Chanel No. 19 is a poisonous, audacious, leathery floral green concoction. It immediately tells everybody who's the boss: YOU! The top notes include galbanum, hyacinth, neroli, bergamot, middle notes are jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, iris and the base notes are vetiver, sandalwood, leather, musk.

Like any Chanel, No. 19 is not cheap - to put it nicely :). If this juice is too loud for you, you can try the latest Chanel No. 19 Poudré, lighter, more powdery, more democratic type of boss ;)...

Below please find on the left: suggestion for a spooky, vampirish, devilish costume by Rémi Gaillard, a French jackass, prankster, golfers & cops hater :). Oh my, Rémi is actually the ULTIMATE resource for great Halloween costumes and character transformations.

The right video shows a well 'transformed' character of a diabolic dominating She-Devil, man-eater. Chanel No. 19 becomes her perfectly, grrr!

On Halloween Turn Into:
Bossy She-Devil
Halloween Costume Suggestion:
Spooky She-Bat (by Rémi Gaillard)

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Halloween Party Perfume Suggestion #2: Honey Bunny Pumpkin Pie Wears Gucci Guilty

Sexy little thang wears (slut in Jenna Marbles' words) wears loud, dirty, sensual, daring, opulent perfumes, saying: "Take me, I am yours... Well, actually, you're mine"!

Gucci Guilty (EDT) is a multiple winner of 2011 FiFi Awards (perfume industry oscars): Fragrance Superstar, Best Packaging Of The Year - Women's Luxe, Best Media Campaign Of The Year - Women's and Fragrance Of The Year - Women's Luxe.

Gucci Guilty (EDT) is a sweet, spicy, sensual oriental floral containing the notes of mandarin, pink pepper, peach, lilac, geranium, amber and patchouli. It's not aggressively sexy from the start, you can actually dose your mojo whatever you like. Apply little for shy, sweet seductress and more for a biting dirty sexy ... thang.

Below, the left video suggest a sexy Halloween costume - go to the hairdresser's, put on some fine make-up, lingerie and gown and transform yourself into a foxy little minx, vixen, no Miss Piggy :)! And the right video: I (almost) sure that you'd need to apply (at least) one whole bottle of Gucci Guilty to transform yourself into Alizée!

On Halloween Turn Into:
Sexy Little Thang
Halloween Costume Suggestion:
Miss Piggy (by Muppet Show)

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Halloween Party Perfume Suggestion #3: Angelic Fairy Wears Beauty by Calvin Klein

An innocent, immaculate fairy-like beauty, who'll wear Halloween costumes such as schoolgirl, fairy, princess should try to wear clean, elegant fragrances, like for example Beauty by Calvin Klein (EDP).

Simple, but beautiful, Beauty by Calvin Klein is a classy, reserved floral with a warm woodsy dry down; the notes are fresh notes, jasmine, lily, white flowers, spicy notes and the base of cedar and ambrette.

In the left video below Rémi Gaillard suggests picking an innocent, beautiful butterfly for a Halloween costume if you want to transform yourself into an innocent, virginal kind of beauty - like Britney Spears in the right video.

On Halloween Turn Into:
Virginal Schoolgirl
Halloween Costume Suggestion:
Fragile Butterfly (by Rémi Gaillard)

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Halloween Party Perfume Suggestion #4: Miss Sporty Wears Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

Sporty, super fit heroines such as Lara Crofts, Trinities and Gwen Stefanis will want to wear some fresh, clean and flexible perfumes to a Halloween party. Try the best-selling Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana (EDT). This floral fruity juice with a bit of a unisex touch includes the notes of Granny Smith apple, Sicilian lemon, bluebells, jasmine, white rose, bamboo and the base of cedarwood, amber and musks.

Yes, Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana (EDT) is more of a summer fragrance, but with its nice, longlasting sillage and youthful, vivid, fresh, light character it can brighten any other day of the year as well.

Below in the left video, another very creative and very athletic Halloween costume (kangaroo) suggestion by Rémi Gaillard and on the right - my favourite character - sporty, NO-HOLLABACK GIRL, The Gwen Stefani!

On Halloween Turn Into:
Sporty No-Hollaback Gal
Halloween Costume Suggestion:
Athletic She-Kangaroo (by Rémi Gaillard)

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Halloween Party Perfume Suggestion #5: Drag Queeny Justine Beaver Wears Someday by Justin Bieber

Drag queenies (wannabes) sure need no tips what to wear on Halloween, right ;)? So just a small suggestion from me; Justine Beaver why not wearing Someday by Justin Bieber (EDP) on Halloween?

Notes of this youthful teeny floral fruity are fruits, lots of fruits, like mandarin, pear, wild berries and then you have some jasmine and creamy florals and yummy base of vanilla and soft musks.

Priscillas, Queens of the Desert - enjoy!

I love ya, RESPECT, my sisters!

On Halloween Turn Into:
Justine Beaver Scissor Sista
Halloween Costume Suggestion:
Drag Queen (by Priscilla Queen of the Desert)

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1 Katie Puckrik was the first to suggest that the Devil might wear Chanel No. 19.


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